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Alasfoura .. market of different news

First to know

We are the first to know everything, so, our users will be too. We support that with notifications to be send with latest news during the day

All is here

Instead of have a lot of Apps or tabs open at the same time, Alasfoura have all the news sources that audience needs in one place

Scroll easily

We design it to never let the audience down with the word “End”.. because Alasfoura has endless results

Different categories

There’s an optional button to choose the news category you want to follow to see its topics first

Videos, too

Its not just for news to be read, there’s a section for journalism videos too

Favorite list

On Alasfoura you can add whatever news you want to save to your favorite list to go back to it any time later.


To know what happened

Art, Sport, Political, health or criminal news .. Alasfoura tells what happened from all avaliable resources …


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